When did you first start writing?

I have been writing in my professional capacity as psychologist for many years. My writing has been largely academic, describing research and reporting about programs that I have created and implemented. Grant writing and report writing has been another important part of my professional writing. This book has been my first foray into personal writing and it has been a wonderful and totally different kind of experience.

What motivated you to become an indie (independent) author?

I was eager to share my experiences with breast cancer, and really wanted to get my work out there. Indie publishing has allowed me to do this quickly and easily, without going through the pain of rejection.

What is the greatest joy of writing for you?

The greatest joy of writing is when I am “in the flow,” and become oblivious to my surroundings, allowing my creative juices to percolate through to the proverbial pen and paper (even though I write on a laptop). This is not something that happens with any regularity, or predictability, but I am thankful when it does happen.

Why did you write this book? Aren’t there enough books out there about breast cancer?

Actually- the answer to that question is ‘NO”. There are not a whole lot of books out there about breast cancer that speak to both an individual’s experience (mine) with the added value of professional insight (again, mine) to help the current breast cancer patient and her family. LIFE UNEXPECTED takes that unique perspective – both personal and professional and weaves them together. Writing this book was an important step on the healing road for me. I was able to write through many of the strong feelings that I had, put them out there, experience them once again, and then move on. That goes of course for some, but not all feelings! Once I completed the book, I was eager to share my new found knowledge with others who might benefit.

Who did you write this book for?

Firstly for the woman who has just discovered that she has breast cancer, and is frantic with worry. Secondly, for family members and friends of this woman, so that they can better understand what she may be going through, thus providing her support that is more attuned to her needs. I know that when I had breast cancer the last thing I wanted to do was read a book about it. Having said that, I am sure that there are other women who are looking for help, knowledge and support, that they can find in this book.

More importantly, I believe this book will be very helpful to the spouse, children and friends of a women who have been recently diagnosed with cancer. Going “behind the scenes” into my mind, and joining me as I dissect what was happening to me, what was helpful and what missed the mark, can enrich that inner circle of people surrounding the woman with breast cancer.

When will this book be available in print form?

The book is now available in both e-version and paperback. You can order the book from Amazon or the Book Depository ,