Reviews of Free Yourself from Fear

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“When I started reading this book, I’d intended to just skim and earmark a chapter or two to read “later”. But once I started I simply had to finish. Immediately.”

“Dr. Baum’s approach is sensible & convincing. I am already putting some of her advice into practice — and seeing positive effects faster than I would have thought possible.”

“Like her earlier book, “Life Unexpected: A Trauma Psychologist Journeys through Breast Cancer,” while it specifically addresses dealing with cancer, I find the advice helpful for coping with a wide variety of situations that can cause fear.”

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Reviews of Life Unexpected:  A Trauma Psychologist Journeys Through Breast Cancer

LifeUnexpected - 2DFrom  the reviews :

 “This book will walk you through the practical stages of dealing with cancer — how to deal with medical systems, how to share your diagnosis with your family and friends, how to stay on top of your situation. But more than that, Dr. Baum, a noted trauma therapist in Jerusalem, inspires, and shares in the most communicative way how she dealt with her own illness. She is open, spiritual, vulnerable, sometimes even shameless, but consistently wise and brave. I would recommend this book to anyone going through cancer and to their families and friends.”

“Highly recommended for anyone – and especially for people beginning the long journey of cancer treatment and their loved ones.”

“Once I started reading, I simply couldn’t stop. The book is open & honest, and at the same time analytic & practical. I started highlighting phrases that I particularly liked. But then gave up, since I was winding up with nearly the entire book in yellow.”

“A must book for anyone battling cancer, but truthfully, advised reading for any of us who come across a life threatening experience or a drastic change in his life. The writer has a fascinating personality, young at heart, full of insight, inner wisdom, creativity and openness, despite her conservative Jewish way of life. She is a lively person. In spite of chemo treatments, found a way to pamper herself, celebrate life and go on vacations to distract herself. She has learned to get help from her loved ones and friends, according to her needs, and to make the most of yoga, complimentary medicine and guided imagination. The most moving parts of the book are the authentic emails sent to her family and friends, capturing the moments of actual ordeal. Between the lines we get aquatinted with a strong, loving and united family and an inspiring husband who becomes her pillar of strength. I couldn’t put the book down, although it’s not fiction. Wishing the writer good health and long and happy life. One of the most inspiring books i’ve ever read.”

“For a woman with breast cancer, the book can help separate out unnecessary anxiety, embarrassment and posturing for others from unpreventable concern, sadness and personal and interpersonal coping.

Wonderful diary of crisis in extremis and counsel for life problems, not limited to Cancer. The chapter on resilience is a gem. The family photos are precious and convey such love and support. The cover by Ricardo is out-of-sight!! Like a Joan Miro. I think this book will have a lasting impact and become a classic.
The world thanks you.”

For those accompanying a woman they love on her very personal experience with breast cancer, the book can give much needed insight into issues the loved one is facing and the various ways they may be of assistance to her rather than a hindrance.”

“practical and inspiring”

“a must read”

“I just finished your book (on Kindle) and I hope I am one of hundreds (and eventually thousands) of very impressed and grateful readers. The most striking thing for me is how utterly honest and straightforward you are.  It’s such a rare thing!  In most books of this sort I have looked at the writers make themselves out to be either heroes or victims.  You are just you- “as is;” not prettifying, not self-dramatizaiton, no glossing over the pain and struggle to stay sane.  I really hope you understand that this is the highest compliment.

I also thought your advice  was just right.  So many books/articles either give too much advice (so the reader feels overwhelmed) or champion only one or two approaches.”